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made to last a lifetime, Ondura Durable Goods from Germany produces some of the highest Quality Leather Products available

The ONDURA Outdoorknife is a handy & functional knife. Inspired by small huntingknives.

It is produced by the famous OTTER-Messer Company in Solingen/Germany. The blade length is only 80mm and made of high quality N690 Böhler steel. But its a sturdy little beast with a strong 4,3mm thickness and a “Bonebreaker” at the back. The handles are wrapped with a leather cord wich ends into a security handloop. The holster is made of vegetal tanned leather with a sheath inside for a perfect fit.

With six brass eyelets for multiple attachment.

You can wear it single perfectly upside down as a neckknife. (inkl. Leather Necklace) The Knife comes with the ONDURA Belt Adapter System (for max.5cm belt hight)

This Adapter allows plenty of gradients / knife postions fixed with two brass screws.




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brown, natural,  black


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