Indigofera | Kappa Blanket | Brown/ Light Blue / Beige


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Indigofera Blanket, 100% Norweigan Wool 195 x 151 cm


Is an amphibious yokai demon or imp found in traditional Japanese folklore. Kappa lives in the ponds and rivers of Japan.It has a cavity in its head that retains water or some sort of liquid. That liquid is Kappa’s power and life force.Yet a mischievous trickster and a demon pulling other living creatures underwater to drown them, Kappa protects the ones who befriends it.Kappa also loves cucumber.If you write your name in a cucumber and throw it in the river where Kappa lives, then the Kappa will not attack you or your family members. That is also why the sushi roll containing only rice and cucumber is called “Kappa-maki”.Because Kappa is obsessed with politeness, it is said that one can defeat Kappa by making a deep bow as Kappa will return the bow.And when it returns the bow to you, the liquid in the cavity of Kappa’s head runs out and Kappa loses its magical powers.


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